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Suppose you want to build a model to forecast commodity prices. You want to automate the process and only focus on interpreting the results.

You may then consider to use an econometric package, e.g. Econometric Views, and run relevant models and scenarios, compute forecasts and use the results.

No experience in econometrics, automation, and scripting languages? No problem. I have a long experience in scripting under Econometric Views, a powerful software to build and simulate econometric models.

You may look at my system:

Wdowiński P. (2010), “Automated Stock Price Forecasting System”, [w:] Milo W., Szafrański G., Wdowiński P. (eds.), „Financial Markets: Principles of Modelling, Forecasting, and Decision-Making”, FindEcon Monograph Series: Advances in Financial Market Analysis, No. 8, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, Łódź.

Contact me and we can start co-operation. Range varies from single equations to multiple-equation econometric models and simulations, all in automated manner.

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